Für alle Deutschen ohne ausreichend Englischkenntnisse. Versucht es mit der Flagge oder dem Menü unter GTranslate auf der rechten Seite. Hört sich zwar ziemlich mies an ist aber wohl lesbar 😉

Well this is going to be a post in English I think. Maybe I’m going to add the German text later we’ll see. There is not much to say anyway. I arrived in camp a few days ago. I haven’t seen many mining camps so far but I have to say this one here is very well organized. We’ve got nice tents and a great cook. Everyone is nice so far and we already started doing some work. Essentially we were in the field every day except maybe one day. The weather wasn’t that nice though… We didn’t get much sun except on the first day maybe. There wasn’t any really heavy rain either though. At night we are probably below 10°C easily. If it gets any colder there is a stove in each tent. At the moment the sleeping bag is fine and I can sleep really well compared to Liberia. I mean I did sleep there to, but it is much easier to sleep in a cold room compared to a hot room. The girl from Montreal still haunts me and I will probably take a week off just to try and meet her again. Even if it doesn’t work out it might be worth it since I would probably be calmer afterwards.

Unfortunately the motor for the boat isn’t working at the moment. We ordered a new one but it hasn’t arrived yet. When we tried to row the boat the wind was picking up fast and on the GPS track log it looked like we were not moving at all. We just zig zaged across the lake in the end and checked that side out a bit. However we hit swamp soon and were forced to go back. Once the motor arrives we give it another go. Close to the boat we came across fresh bear poo. Matt suggested to get into the boat quick since we forgot any bear spray or bear bangers that day. From the boat we had a look along the shore we didn’t see it though.

Two days later we actually came across a young bear on the track. It vanished into the bush fast however. Maybe I get to drive a bulldozer here once since we need to push a new track into a bulk sample area where we are going to blast a 300t sample out of the ground. That would be fun. The blasting probably takes place next week. I didn’t get around flying in the heli so far since it is very busy with moving the drill rigs. In the end I will end up flying around with it a couple of times since there are no tracks and we need to look at some rocks which are not within walking distance. The days are pretty long still. Up here they get shorter quick however. Maybe when the clouds go away by the end of August sometime I might be able to see the northern lights once. That would actually be really nice. Well I need to hit the bush now. We will see if things make sense here in the end. At the moment it is like Arkaroola when I first came there.